Saturday, April 15, 2006

video killed the radio star

boyfriend is obsessed with infomercials. not just any infomercials mind you- the music compilation ones. last night i was lying in bed and boyfriend was doing his normal routine of flipping channels so quickly it gives me a headache just trying to focus on what the show actually is before he changes the channel again. you know the type. but then he stopped. i let out a quick gasp of joy, for i can actually let my brain and eyes settle on the television without wanting to gouge them out. then i quickly cried out "NOOOOO" when i realized what he had stopped on. that freaking 70's compilation of crap with one of the brady's and some woman dressed in the most hideous of nonmatching, craptacular outfits (think green shirt and a brightly patterned orange skirt). i hate this infomercial. nevermind the fact that we've seen it about 7 times already. everytime boyfriend catches a glimpse of the flourescent, flower power, lava lamp loving background, he stops and watches it like it's the first time he's ever seen it. before you know it, he's singing along to every song. i want to kill him at this point, but i'm usually too tired to move.

this isn't the first time he's done this either. he was completely obsessed with the country compilation infomercial too- the one where kenny rogers is the host. i swear we watched that one at least 20 times. and i'm certain we'd still be watching it, if it was still airing. thank the goddess it's not though, because all his plastic surgery was starting to give me nightmares.

ps- am i the only person who notices how people's outfits, or the things they're wearing match whatever is in the background of the show/movie they're in? because i always notice that "her" top is the same color as the vase in the kitchen, or how the color of "his" tie matches the painting on the wall in the living room. and all my friends think i'm crazy that i even notice that kind of stuff, but it's just how i see things. like when i look at a scene in a movie, i notice everything in it. especially if the colors match. it's probably just another sign i'm headed to the looney bin. i bet they give me a nice pretty white shirt, to match the white walls though!

and pps- just to be clear (regarding comments and emails i've received about the post below) blake's dad is a very good dad. he is great with him, as involved as he can be, and him and i have a good relationship. i get bitter and stupid about things that shouldn't really matter, but that's just me sometimes. i don't want anyone thinking that his dad is a jerk, because that couldn't be further from the truth. he is a really good guy- i just like to bitch.


point45 said...


Eileen said...

Just because you notice those things doesn't mean you're crazy. There are people who are actually being paid to keep track of all that; it only means you have a discerning eye and can possibly look into being a set decorator or stylist for movies/television whenever you want to change careers.

Eileen said...

By the way thanks to you Bloglines has made my life way easier...thanks!

Lisa said...

Oooohhh. I HATE those things too! nd my hubby changes channels the same way!

Mrs.T said...

OOOH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that infomercial. Every time I see it I beg and beg my husband to agree to let me get all that 70's groovin tune musical goodness. Every time he laughs and says 'Uh no, its a waste of money.'

I think I like it because my mother force fed me all of that music as I was growing and finally I was brainwashed enough to like it. I once tried to force feed INXS when I was about 15 - that didn't go over well.

(PS. I notice the outfits too, but I try and ignore them because I feel like they just don't know any better)

Painter Beach Girl said...

Have you noticed, if you watched the American Idol that had Kenny Rogers in it, that he has had total face work done? Like, he had his eyes "done". Random, but you mentioned Kenny Rogers!!!

Kristin said...

bitching is good for the soul... it keeps your skin clear!

you keep bf away from those time-life music offers... we are up to our eyeballs in "80's" rock and it involved many letters and phone calls and returning of cds to make them finally stop...

happy easter!

Melissa said...

I always notice what people are wearing. But I'm not always nice about it. Have you ever seen the show, whos line is it anyways. They always do a skit of those infomercials, but they totally make fun of it. Too funny. And um... yeah, I sing along to those commercials too.

And I didn't mean to say that Blakey's dad is a bad guy. I just think it is harder to know how to just be if you are only a part-time parent. But that doesn't make him a bad dad.

MelissaMM said...

Girl, you're crazy but that's what I love about you. Confession: I've been known to stop on those informercials myself and sing along.

Craptacular...I LOVE IT!!! Must add that to my vocab.

I have the looney bin on the other line and they have room for one more. Pick me up on your way, ok?

Oh, check out this site: It translates any page into "thug" shizzy!

Happy Easter!

jennster said...

eileen- bloglines is the shit- for real! :)

mrs t- that cracks me the fuck up! after i blogged about this, IT WAS ON AGAIN AND HE KEPT IT THERE AND TURNED IT LOUD TO TORTURE ME FURTHER!! he hates me. lol

melissa- no worries about blake's dad.. it wasn't just you and i just wanted to be clear that he wasn't a piece of shit, disneyland, don't care about his son, type of dad- know what i mean? he is a really good guy and i just wanted to say it out loud since blogging only gives you whatever side of my story i feel like giving that day- you know what i mean? :)

melissa m- LMFAO! woman, i'm on my way to your place right now. think we can be roomies in the bin?

cat said...

"i always notice that "her" top is the same color as the vase in the kitchen, or how the color of "his" tie matches the painting on the wall in the living room"

FREAK lmfao

Mike said...

Hey........I watch those Time-Life music things too! I like to watch them so I can say, "Yeah, I have all those songs already".

Kristin said...

I too want to add my apologies for slagging Blake's dad... I have a couple of girlfriends who have really shabby exes and the kids truly get the brunt end of the deal... I guess I am guilty of over-generalizing!

Blake is lucky to have involved parents and a caring step-dad (to be).

Melissa said...

I'm a brat so I tagged you with the latest meme. I tried to email you, but it bounced.

texas math said...

I've been guilty of watching the music infomercials...especially the Monters of Rock or Hair Bands or Metal Mania, etc. Its definitely a guy thing to flip the channels obsessively like that. Its the whole nomadic-hunter thing going on.

Virginia Belle said...

1. try dating someone who is obsessed with Huey Lewis and the News. totally annoying.

2. while i too hate these infomercials, i have to say i'd love to get Monster Ballads...

3. i notice the characters' wardrobes in movies. like, they always wear the same three colors over and over from scene to scene. you can picture what the costume designer had in mind for the characters' "look". in reality, no one's wardrobe is that put together and predictable! (or maybe mine is just unpredictable!) Example of a movie where character has too-done wardrobe: Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give. but now i will notice what you notice in those infomercials, too!

4. what is it with men and changing the channels? gah! so annoying.

5. WLF (World's Leading Father, aka, my dad) used to watch infomercials ALL THE TIME. know what? i'm going to blog about that. check me out today.

6. glad to know blake's dad isn't a douchebag. :) i know it must be hard to be juggling all of that. it's probably natural to get defensive sometimes. you're a great mom, btw. i can tell.

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