Wednesday, April 12, 2006

not following the rules. again.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about whatever the hell i want, gawsh!

1. i like to do this when it's not a thursday. it makes me laugh.

2. why is it still raining here? WHY does god hate me? it's because i told steward's kid this morning that i wasn't a christian, isn't it?? *side note- please don't allow your kids to talk to me about jesus and if i know he was on a cross and if he's my very best friend or not*

3. speaking of best friends, i get to see mine in july! hell, i get to see both of them in july! be jealous. right now.

4. yes everyone, boyfriend is amazing and i recanted (recanted? recounted? re-something) that story yesterday so you would hate me and be jealous and smite me. cause there isn't enough hate in this world, i want some for my very own.

5. i have finally realized that ABC fucking with lost's programming schedule (airing numerous repeats between new episodes) really does affect the flow and interest level of the show. it's so much better without a bunch of crap i've already seen between the new eps. speaking of- tonight's had better rock my socks off.

6. blakey face comes home tonight and i am so excited to see him! SO excited! but definitely not excited enough to blow off lost for him. i'll be watching it and ignoring him, per usual.

7. his dad took him to LA, which completely pissed me off, but i'll blog about that tomorrow, otherwise this one would get really long and i'd rather give that train of thought it's own entry.

8. i should have video of the mud/motorbike thing soon! HA! how fun will that be? then you can witness my complete dorkiness in real time!

9. i really am such a freaking dork. but i love it. the best part is, the dorkier i get, the more boyfriend seems to love me. i can be a complete tool, and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever. which just plain rocks, if you ask me. which you didn't, but once again, i don't care and i'm telling you anyways.

10. why does ticketmaster have a monopoly on selling tickets? seriously. how come if you want to buy tickets to ANYTHING, you have to go through them? and then you end up paying at least a $15 bullshit service fee, PER ticket. how come they don't have competition????

11. phil made me think of the ticketmaster thing cause he was just complaining about it being $500 for 2 tickets to see something stupid and sit in crappy seats.

12. speaking of crappy seats. we don't have them when we see brad paisley in may.

13. boyfriend and i will be in new york and new jersey in may people- who wants to see us???

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Lisa said...

What's really funny is that no one I know uses the word "tool" except for my hubby and now you... That is so funny. I had to laugh at that comment.

Melissa said...

Oh, I saw Brad Paisley once. He's so good in concert. I want to see him again.

A kid asked you if Jesus was you bestest friend? Did you tell him, no that the cool kids hang with the devil. I mean shit, religious people scare me.

I've never seen Lost, but I ignored my kids last night for Law and Order, and it was a repeat on USA, so I think he'll get over it.

Caues ticketmaster sucks. And they know they can, and we will pay them anyways.

Kristin said...

"tool" and "douchebag" are excellent yet under used words.

hate - people who talk about jesus like he was their high school boyfriend.

lost - too complicated for me... i ignore my children during "my name is earl" & "the office".

if i were going to be in ny in may i would want to see you but i wil be in santa fe!

ginger incognito said...

You "recounted" the story. Unless you're taking it all back. Then it would be "recanted."

My nephew went to a church-related preschool, and he used to say stuff like "Jesus doesn't like it when you're mean to me" all the time. For some reason, I always wanted to laugh when he did that.

Jimboliah said...

people need 2 start using asshat and assclown.. they're just 2 awesome 2 be left out of any insult ^^ hi bubba :P

Becky said...

lol dude i love how dorky you are because it makes me laugh because i'm dorky too! i can't wait to see this video btw. and i HATE that it rained out there because the stros were supposed to playing the giants and it got rained out!!!

spidey said...

Good point on the ticketmaster thing--they suck for charging so much in fees! I totally agree about Lost! Thank you for finally writing your blog entry--I will sleep well tonight! :)

simzgirl said...

Also totally hoping for a fabulous new Lost tonight. *fingers crossed*

Mrs.T said...

I totally use the word 'Tool' to describe many people for whom there is NO other word and you end up saying 'Oh my fucking god, what a tool.'

Undercover Angel said...

Brad Paisley is awesome. My TT is up.

russ said...

recanted means "to take back," or "withdraw" or "disavow"

SparklieSunShine said...

Thank you for your support. Depression can be such a bitch.

I have also wondered about having to get tickets through ticketmaster. What's the deal? I really don't like them.

Religous children do tend to go a bit crazy this time of year. I try to avoid those types of talks at all cost. Years ago I used to babysit these kids who always wanted me to pray with them before bed. Praying to God with little kids makes me uncomfortable and it's really creepy hearing a 4 year old apologising for sinning by arguing with his siblings.

I hope things are good with you. They seem good. :o)

Alison said...

New York and New Jersey in May? Since you're obviously going on tour, will you be stopping in Southern California? Do I get tickets through Ticketmaster? :)

Virginia Belle said...

ster, i love you. your posts always sound like something i would say. or something one of my best friends would say. you never fail to crack me up. i might start doing Thursday 13 too...isn't that what blogs are for? talking about whatever the hell you want?

i hear ya on the dork stuff. Repo tells me i'm a dork all the time. but he loves it. i just tell him someone has to have the brains around here.

and yes, that is a good question--why doesn't ticketmaster have competition... *VB scratches head*

you need to come to SC sometime. i would love to meet you in real life. i bet we would get into so much trouble together. hee hee hee... blondes have more fun....