Sunday, April 02, 2006

guys are not the new girlfriend

i "notebooked" jimmy today. you know- forced him to watch the greatest love story ever made in the history of the whole entire world (aka, the notebook). boyfriend helped me in this mission, and before you know it, the 3 of us are completely engrossed (not to mention crying, but don't tell the guys i told you that part). if you haven't seen this movie, close this blog immediately. run to the nearest video store. rent said movie. grab kleenex box. start watching. grab a guy too if you can, because contrary to popular belief, this is not just a chick flick. at all. ask the 2 guys who watched it with me today. you know, the 2 who were crying at the end. that was damn sexy too if you ask me. and you didn't, but i'm telling you anyways.

and apparently, guy friends don't want to hear the same things you would tell your girlfriends. as i described, in detail, something that happened between boyfriend and i that morning to jimmy, he went running out of the house, covering his ears, doing the "la la la i can't hear you" thing. who knew that boys can't handle the same things we tell our girls? i figured if anyone would want to hear all this gross goodness, it would be another male. apparently i was wrong. i'll try not to make that mistake twice, but since it tortures jimmy so much, i'm sure i'll do it again. it just makes sharing icky info that much more fun!

on a kid note- blake was flexing his manly muscles for me during nickelodeon's kids choice awards tonight. he took off his sweatshirt so he could flex appropriately and i told him he was sexy. he responded with an emphatic, "EW MOM! THAT IS SO WRONG! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???" which made me laugh. then he started wrestling with boyfriend and i hear him yell, "stop tickling me, woman." woman? oh man. i'm still laughing from that one.


jen said...

I LOVED THE hubby cried to...and he like never cries at movies. That has got to be one of the best love stories EVER!!!

Alison said...

I loved it too! This is probably a dumb question but did you read "The Wedding"? It's about Noah and Ali's children and grandchildren and you get to find out what happened to the two of them too. It's a fabulous read. Heehee. :)

Melissa said...

Ok, am I the only woman in the world who has not seen the notebook?

Virginia Belle said...

1. i hate cheesy stuff. this includes The Notebook. made me want to throw up. throughout the whole movie, all i kept saying was, "jeezus! do these two people do anything besides make out??? they have no relationship! they just suck each others' faces off! this is soft-core porn for women. can i have a plot, please???"

2. yes, i realize i have to turn in my Woman Card for saying that.

3. i hate it when men cry. it makes me lose all respect for them. pussies.

4. unless they are crying over me. or they're at a funeral. then it's ok.

5. your kid cracks me up. that was funny! your choice of words was kinda...odd. but then again, sexy is a dirty word in my family. that's because we are sexually repressed.

6. which is probably why i didn't like The Notebook.

7. Barf! i'd rather watch Die Hard.

russ said...

You’re obsessed with “the jimmy.”

Becky said...

i love the notebook. i still cry everytime i watch it!

Stephanie A. said...

I love the notebook. Adam refuses to watch it all the way through. Not because he thinks it is a chick flick, but because the storyline devastates him. He's a true romantic!

Jimboliah said...

arg.. my secrets out... no i have 2 kill you :P anyhoo ya ... wow.. start the water works... awesome flic imo ^^ Dam Virginia..... i do belive what u have described is called Chemistry... hahah no 1 knows why people like eachother... it just kinda happens.... that alone is the realationship... hi jennster :P im sick today.. no work for me.. blah

jennster said...

jen- the notebook is the best lovestory ever. who doesn't want to be loved like that? such intensity. i adore it.

hooch.. aka, ali- i haven't read the wedding but i've heard all about it. i will read it sometime. i heard it's sad, but good.

melissa- obviously, YES. go rent it now dammit. listen to me!

virgina belle- listen up woman, you are now due for a good ass kicking! you hate love, which is why you hate this movie. lol.. boys crying for no reason = pussies. boys who cry because a movie touches them that much= hot. as long as they don't cry at every sappy love story there is, i'm fine with a few tears here and there. i called blake sexy, cause it's so wrong. but so funny.

russ- yes.

becky- me too. all the time. everytime.

steph- that is so sweet. how was your date????

jimmy- i got boyfriend's permission before posting that, so i figured you'd be okay with it too. lol what is wrong with you? feel better! SMOOCHES!

ginger incognito said...

Someone gave me "The Wedding" as a birthday present a couple of years ago. I didn't read it because I was told I needed to read the one that came before it first. I suppose I should just go see "The Notebook" already, and then read the book collecting dust in my room.

jennster said...


penguininthesun said...

The first time I saw The Notebook, I hated it... I hated it because it made me so sad! But damn... to be THAT in love. Only in movies, I guess? or not.

Stephanie A. said...

Our date was incredible. It is so sweet of you to remember and ask! We fit so much into one day/night and it was a blast! We've decided to do it once a month now.

jennster said...

penguin.. seriously. that's what i think of when i watch that movie. is how every woman wants to be loved that intensely and that deeply and that true. at least i do. i want to know that if i was gone, boyfriends life would never be the same. he'd fuck some war widow, but he'd never be able to give her what he gave me. ha! i love and adore that movie- what i have with boyfriend is what i've always wanted. i'm loved exactly how i've always to be loved. it's perfect. :)

steph- i am SO happy! i think that rocks and i'm glad you're doing it once a month. i think it's important! SMOOCHES!

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