Monday, February 13, 2006

um.. that's not supposed to be in there

while putting the clothes from the washer into the dryer this morning, i saw something sitting at the bottom of the machine. i stared at it for a minute and thought, "oh shit." it wasn't my imagination. it really was in there. i started to laugh a little. possibly only i would do this. most likely, not. ah fuck. i can't just leave it in there. i can't pretend i don't see it and continue to fold clothes, can i? so i reached in.. and pulled it out. boyfriends work cell phone. let me rephrase- boyfriends DEAD work cell phone. do we bury it?


penguininthesun said...

haha, I find that funny too...actually sounds like something I'd probably do too.

Melissam said...

Big time OOPS! It'll teach him to check his pockets, that's for sure. I'd much rather find money though, instead of a dead cell phone.

russ said...

I once dropped my cell phone in the toilet POST flush. I was freaked. I disassembled it and let it dry for 2 days and it still works.

I had to clean out the feces from the ear holes, but that was easy. LMAO.

jennster said...

RUSS- EW!!!! you are grossing out the blog! lol
melissa- that's just it. it's not really my fault, so it's probably why i think it's funny. i do feel bad though. but still, not my fault, bad. lol