Tuesday, February 07, 2006

thank you dooce chick, for being so terrifyingly open

while i love the dooce chick's blog.. it's a semi new formed love. smart jenn told me about her a few times, and i would read a blog or two and laugh, and be on my merry way. mostly because her blogs are just too fucking long, and sometimes i have the attention span of a fucking gnat. while reading today however, i came across her archives which chronicle her ongoing battle with depression. oh.my.god. i highly suggest that anyone who has had to battle with that disease, read her shit. you will never feel alone again. and to all of you who have felt that way, or who currently feel that way- i truly feel for you and can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to live that way day after painful day. tell tom cruise to eat shit and you get yourself some meds dammit.. and get em good!

i also suggest that anyone who has never even fathomed, or given a thought as to what it would be like to feel that way, read these posts (especially THIS one). from depression to post partum depression- this shit is not a joke folks. god, it is SO real. and it is terrifying. i am almost in tears as i sit here at work, reading her posts that talk about her inability to sleep, her inability to stop crying, the overwhelming feeling that takes over her entire body and makes her unable to even think about everyday things without losing it. it is heartwrenching. plain and simple. and for a woman who hasn't had to battle with anything even remotely close to this *knocks on wood* it is a scary thought. fuck that, it is a TERRIFYING thought. i don't ever want to feel like that. i pray to the goddess that i don't have to go through post partum when boyfriend knocks me up. i pray i never have to go through 20 different kinds of medication to find the ones that actually work on me. i pray i never have to go through anything even close to this mentally. but if i do, i know i won't be alone. i'm sure it won't help at the time.. but it helps now.


Nina said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by -- I'm feeling much better. I am a huge dooce fan also :) Cute blog, I'll be back.

Becky said...

i love heather from dooce. i'm glad you're promoting her. i've had her link in my blog since day 1. she's awesome.