Friday, February 10, 2006

stop this ride, i want off

"the part of 7 year old blake, will be replaced by a snotty, full of attitude, 15 year old version. thank you for your understanding."
i feel like that's my life right now. some sort of play. you know the kind where they switch characters right in the middle of it all, and think it will be okay because they apologize for it. all of a sudden, my sweet, good mannered, super sensitive, 7 year old has been replaced by a snot mouthed, attitude ridden, shithead. and what do i blame it on? i mean, is this just normal behavior? or is it because of all the changes we've had recently (moving, new school, new house, new friends, living with boyfriend, etc)? i wonder if i can blame his new "friends" for some of it? he surely never talked this way before... or acted this way consistantly. i don't know. maybe he's just not happy. he told me last night he misses our old home. hell, i miss our old home for him. i think i miss his old friends more than he does. *sighs* baseball will start soon. hopefully that will change things. hopefully that will help things. cause if this is the road we're heading down- and things don't get better... i'm going to have to sell him to the highest bidder. i can always use the cash.

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penguininthesun said...

Kids are mean sometimes...and sometimes it's easy to forget that they are kids. Hope he cheers up soon.