Monday, February 13, 2006

the stairmaster is NOT my friend

anyone who knows even the slightest bit about me knows that, I HATE EXCERCISING! junk food- GOOD. working out- BAD. seriously, i hate it. loathe it. it bores me. it's stupid. and sometimes i'd just rather be fat.
obviously, not today though. i worked out. please, write this date down in your notebooks friends; it more than likely won't happen again. my legs feel like jello and i'm surprised they can hold this ass up one more minute. i want to die. at least if that happens, boyfriend can't kill me for drowning his cell phone yesterday.
see, there's always an upside.


Tina said...

wow! yay for you!
ps. why do you not have my blog listed? Am I not amusing enough for you?

Oh and how do you make paragraphs? My blog won't let me.

jennster said...

i love you and added you. you have to change those settings in the control part of the blog. where it starts a new paragraph when you space, or something.

Becky said...

lol that is hilarious jenn! ( i marked this day down lol)

joeysmoon said...

Exercising is supposed to make you feel great. Yeah right! Sometimes my ass hurts to much to sit on it. Why do we torture ourselves like this?

jennster said...

excercising doesn't do shit for me. i don't feel great after it. i don't feel "refreshed" or "energized" and anyone who says they do- IS A FUCKING LIAR. lol

K.C. said...

In the words of Groove Armada...."I see you baby. Shaking that ass. Shaking that ass. I see you baby..."

You go girl! Miss ya here at Disney. Happy Valentines Day!!

jennster said...

KC! miss you too! how are you? i heard strat sucks with kevin? lol happy valentine's day!