Saturday, February 18, 2006

shopping brings us together

"i've been to the mall of america!"
"um.. cool."
"uh huh.. that's great."
"what? it's really cool!"
"that's great.. really."
"why are you being so mean????"
"well what the fuck are you talking about the freaking mall of america for?!?!"
"oh. well i just watched a show on it."
"well maybe you should tell me that BEFORE you start randomly talking about some fucking mall!"

i mean seriously. what guy just starts blabbing about a freaking mall for cripes sake?!?! the same guy who won't go near a tampon, that's who.


penguininthesun said...

hahaha... you are funny jennster!

jennster said...

i think so too, but boyfriend doesn't. lol

russ said...

i've been to the mall of america

jennster said...

did you love it? lol

Rebeccatjade said...


I been to the Mall of america ;-)