Thursday, February 09, 2006

lost.. get lost

is it just me, or does lost really suck ass this season?!?! i mean, seriously. what the hell was up with last nights episode? so now sawyer has all the guns. whoop de freaking do. why? and what for? and WHAT IS THE POINT of all of this?!?!! i really miss the intensity of last season's episodes. i miss DYING after each show because i was left with more pressing questions i wanted answers too, and couldn't bear to wait another whole week to find out! last season was just AMAZING episode after amazing episode. and this season just sucks. i almost don't give a shit anymore why they're on that freaking island. i hate the "tailies" and only care that bernard lived (you know, rose's husband), and we haven't even seen him since they met up with the fronties and middlies. there are still unanswered questions of course- but the difference this season is...... i don't care anymore about having them answered. step it up lost creators. get your shit together. you're slippin.


Becky said...

yeah grey's is so much better!

joeysmoon said...

it is lacking something big time

jennster said...

seriously.. it just doesn't have the same spark as last season AT ALL. there are no cliffhangers like before. i dunno, something has changed and i don't know what it is!