Wednesday, February 08, 2006

just let me pee in peace!

for the fucking love.. EVERY SINGLE TIME i go to pee, my phone rings. without fail. i sit to pee, i hear it ring. so there i am, trying to piss super fast so that i don't miss the stupid phone call, which can so obviously wait until i'm done, but noooooo- there i am, yelling to myself "hurry up, it's going to go to voice mail soooooon!!!"
i think this is what being a virgo does to me. so fucking organized, i can't even miss a phone call. not even for the sake of the pisser.


texas math said...

I don't understand why you can't answer your phone while peeing?

I mean, I do that all the time..and I have to use my hands while peeing. Of course sometimes pee goes places it shouldn't, but it's my pee and I'm fine with peeing on myself from time to time.

From what I've seen of women...they can do it all with no hands. So, you should have not one, but two available hands for answering your phone.

jennnster said...

but tony! I'M AT WORK! LOL.. the phone won't go in the pisser!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me dude, but just because you can piss standing up is no reason to actually do it. That practice is very messy with unavoidable splashes and the possibility that "sometimes pee goes where it shouldn't.... ." Try sitting down and you'll find that you can have two free hands as well as a much cleaner bathroom.

(from a daddy/grandfather)