Wednesday, February 08, 2006

dear wedding

you are a pain in my ass. fuck me, there are a billion stupid details that go into this freaking day. not to mention money. but money aside, THE DETAILS. good lord, the details. i realize i'm a virgo and i'm totally prepared to deal with all of this crap- but i fear i might go insane first. this wedding could quite possibly kill me.
  • the food
  • the drinks
  • the cake
  • the photographer
  • the dj
  • the minister
  • the centerpieces
  • the flowers
  • the candles
  • the stupid invitations
  • the chairs (please don't get me started on these fucking chairs)
  • the location
  • the people we are inviting, then cutting off the list, then adding back on, and so forth
  • seating arrangements
  • worrying about others, when it's all about us dammit
  • my dress (which is lovely and quite perfect and about the only thing i don't have to worry about... well except getting fake boobs to fill it out.)
  • the favors
  • the gifts for people
  • did i mention the flowers?

*jennster has died during the writing of this post*


russ said...

Don't forget the guestbook/sign up book thingie

jennster said...

YEAH! and that fucking thing!