Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a conversation between friends

jenn: i just hate the flowers all over them
jenn: who the hell wants flowers all over their cake?!
toots: LOL..the one i like has too many flowers..but i like the basic look of it..nice color
jenn: so many of those cakes have the fondant frosting, or whatever the hell it's called
toots: and lol..i like flowers on cakes!
jenn: and they use it cause it's easier to decorate with- cause it's a firmer texture or whatever
toots: right
jenn: i think it looks like shit. LOL. it doesn't look like it tastes good at all! it looks hard!
jenn: we'll have buttercream i think
jenn: boyfriend and i will fight about the cake i bet
jenn: he likes weird shit
toots: the one i like is buttercream!
toots: lol
jenn: why do couples get like lemon inside?!?!?
jenn: that is nasty!
jenn: who the fuck wants a lemon filled cake?
jenn: and EVERYONE does it
jenn: has some nasty ass filling in there
toots: LMFAO
toots: omg
jenn: dude, if there is going to be a filling INSIDE the cake- it had better be chocolate
jenn: or at least something yummy!
jenn: not lemon
jenn: fuck lemon!
toots: LMAO!! you're funny
toots: omg
jenn: or raspberry!
jenn: gross!
toots: LOL @ fuck lemon!
toots: that's especially nasty
toots: here is the cake i like
jenn: are you supposed to eat that cake, or is it the fucking bridal bouquet?!?!?
toots: You are just evil!! HEY! I did say it has too many flowers..but it's still pretty, dammit!!


toots said...

Like I said, you are EVIL!

Melissam said...

Oh boyfriend can have his own cake like the "bloody" looking cake in Steel Magnolias. Also, remember, it's your day so you get whatever you want. Plus, there are layers for the cake so mix it up a bit.

Jimboliah said...

"jenn: boyfriend and i will fight about the cake i bet"

LMFAO!!!! you're 2 cute goober :P

P.S. you and i really have nothing to do @ work do we :P i hate my fukin job.. ><... /sigh... its one of thosee days..

jennster said...

toots! but you're funny! thanks for letting me copy our IM'S! lmfao

jennster said...

melissa! we'll have 1 cake dammit! he can have a rank cake at the rehearsal dinner! lol

jennster said...

LOL jimmy! how can you be sad? you had CAKE last night! C A K E!! and chili mac! your life should be a-ok! lol

russ said...

Jenn: You are a chat Monopolizer. Look at how much you dominate the conversation.

jennster said...

that's because i type faster! lol