Monday, January 09, 2006

the wedding dress

yes folks.. the discontinued dress WILL BE MINE! i am super excited! not that anything else is even remotely close to being done for this wedding. seriously, who the hell buys their dress before they've planned anything else?!! someone freaky, that's who. and that freak is none other than.. well, me. i'll wear that damn dress in the street if i have to! lol..
so it's coming from georgia. awww, i always wanted to be a southern belle! i can pretend! "i'm not from the south, but my dress is!!!" so i am having it sent to work. do you think it would be fa-reaky if i paraded around all day in my wedding dress when it arrives? i can sashay from floor to floor. ooh, i wonder what i'll name my dress! i mean really, i name everything else (my jeep is named sam.. my cell phone is charlie), the dress should have a name. what's a good southern name? then i can refer to her like she's a person and that will make me laugh. and really folks, my own entertainment is all that really matters here.


joeysmoon said...

You're not freaky. In fact I'm in a wedding that the Bride bought her gown over a year before she started to plan the wedding.

jennster said...

you can admit that i'm freaky. i'm okay with my freaky status! :o)

Kym said...

I think your dress should be named Mary Lou or Barbara Jean (Oh wait, that would make her BJ, lol).

Or something with 'belle' in it?

Jenibelle? (hehe)

Alison said...

There's no other choice but to name her Scarlett. :)

jennster said...

DOH! ALI! so perfect.. omg, i will name her scarlett!!!! and talk in a fake funny accent!
kym- i was naming her bella at first.. but then i took that part of the blog out! lol we are so here *points to eyes*

Tara said...

My dress was the first thing i bought too! Haha. So its alright...we'll be freaks together. :o)

jennster said...

LOL- yay tara! we are freaky bitches!

Kym said...

Weee, Scarlett is a perfect name for your dress, hehe.