Tuesday, January 10, 2006

tristan & isolde

i am going to see this movie. we have free movies every saturday, and this is this weekend's movie. i want to see it. because i am a pathetic, romantic fool. and it looks super romantic, mixed with some serious action and whacking scenes (for the boys of course). james franco looks like tara's fiance. you hear that tara? your fiance IS tristan. lol
i wonder if i can get boyfriend to see this flick with me? maybe i should emphasize on the killing parts, and less on the smooshy romantic parts?! hmmmmm..
"there is A LOT of killing in this movie!!"

"not enough."
but i really love the one scene in the previews where she's sailing on the water in her bridal outfit on a canoe, or something.. omg, it's so stunning and so beautiful! the whole scene is just stunning. and then when she says, "i want to know that there's more to this life... and i can't know that if they kill you." *swoon*.. and the music.. omg the music sounds incredible!!!!
god- i'm SUCH a girl.


Tara said...

hahaha. Yes apparently I did hear you Jenn. ;o)

jennster said...

HEEHEE! you can now tell the world you're marrying james franco

MelissaM said...

Oh, I want to see this too! Let me know if it's worth theater price or DVD rental price.

Tara said...

hmm, i think some people may call me a liar if i said that. lol

joeysmoon said...

I just saw the preview for this. It looks really good.

Becky said...

i really wanna see this one. tell me if you love it.