Wednesday, January 18, 2006

time well wasted is right!

i was driving to work this morning and i started listening to brad paisley's latest cd. i haven't heard it in awhile, but it reminded me of when i first bought it. blake and i ran to target to get it and then ran just as quickly out to listen to it! half way through song #1 i had to stop the cd. this shit was TOO good to listen too without boyfriend. so i waited until i got home, put the cd in the stereo, and boyfriend and i sat on the couch and listened to the whole thing together- from start to finish. and that's what brad paisley's music is like. it's an experience. you can't listen to it alone. you want to share it with someone. you want someone else to feel everything you feel when you're listening to his songs. you run the gamete of emotions here people. one minute you're laughing so hard you have tears in your eyes.. and the next, those tears are for a different reason. it's rare that an artist/performer is that good. i can't remember ever being so moved by anyone before. at least not on a consistant basis. brad paisley is the shit people. take a big whiff.

who can resist lyrics like these?

Let's say I get bucked off a bull and fall and hit my head
And then I get amnesia and forget the things you said
I lose my better judgement and I take up smoking crack
Right then, that's when
I'll take you back
Go on keep trying
Come on keep calling
You know I like it
When you come crawling
Its like music
To hear you bawling
Waa, waa, waa, waa, waa

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