Thursday, January 05, 2006

this blog stuff is fun

but i get obsessed with wanting to decorate it JUST RIGHT.. you know, so that my blog is... well.. me. you know? since i run a forum, have a website, and a dumb myspace- i like all things jennster, to be jennster. hence, i like to design everything myself. but i'm getting frustrated with this blog one. things aren't turning out exactly right. and it's pissing me off. i like perfection.. i notice all detail flaws.. after all, i AM a virgo. argh. SO. i might resort to using templates that other people made *insert horrified screams here*... i'll let you know. well, you'll probably know, cause well- they'll look prettier. lol

1 comment:

russ said...

I like how you have little design touches, like falling snow and sparkles and such.