Friday, January 27, 2006

things i learned at lunch

first of all, i should have learned from the dooce chick not to blog about people from work- you only end up getting fired. but, i'm doing it anyways.
the things i learned at lunch today consists of the following:
  1. apparently all sperm are not created equal- they battle the other bad evil spermies from reaching our fabulous goddess of an egg *is anyone else picturing sperms with lightsabers*
  2. we are all pawns to the crows. apparently the little shits place nuts under our tires while the light is red, so that we'll crack them open for them with our cars when the light turns green. who knew?
  3. there are certain male actors that guys would turn gay for
  4. 4 people in this department have the same jacket
  5. half of us think you don't drop eggs while you take the pill, while the other half think you still do
  6. boys are just as excited to have and make babies as girls are


Anonymous said...

You are f'n crazy woman ^^ i lub you :P


TeeRish said...

hey! did you go to lunch without me? i don't remember learning that stuff. =)