Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the things girls never tell you, part 2

about being engaged.... that all of a sudden you have this BILLBOARD on your finger, announcing that you are no longer single, available, and "he" is no longer just your boyfriend. it's a weird mental thing really. maybe partly because i took mass transit and was around a bunch of random people daily and maybe partly because i'm insane. lol i mean, this random guy came up to me on the train platform the monday after i came back and was like, "whoa! where'd the ring come from? you weren't wearing that on friday! on friday you just had a boyfriend!" yeah. on friday i just had a boyfriend. and it was weird! the ring is like this big, sparkling, super announcement that you can't control. well, unless you take it off and stuff it in your pocket. but let's get serious, who the hell wants to do that?! it is an ANNOUNCEMENT! it screams, "welcome to engaged r'us" at anyone who dares to look at it! i mean, all of a sudden i have this fucking sign on my finger that tells total strangers that I AM TAKEN! DO NOT APPROACH! it's weird. really. but you know why women don't tell other women about the mental change you have to adapt too when you first start wearing your ring billboard? because.. well.. maybe no other women feel this way. i think it's just me. welcome to the freakness that is jenn.

1 comment:

Miss Kevin said...

YOU... are too funny.

I like your billboard. Miss Sparkles rocks!

I'm scared. I don't want a billboard now. Who am I kidding, yes I do!