Friday, January 20, 2006

they're in my hair, i swear it!

i went into the kitchen and there were ants. all over the candy bowl. tons of em. why can't ants come in 1's? why do they have to travel with billions of friends? and guys give girls shit for going to the bathroom with 1 friend.. imagine if we were ants! so now i feel like they're all over me! my arms.. in my shirt.. i just keep scratching like a feen on crack (do crack feens scratch?). and whenever i get up i do that shakey thing- you know, to get the ants off my clothes... where my legs and arms are flailing around like crazy. i walked into my boss' office and just did this wretched shaking movement, which sent her into fits of laughter..
i can't really talk and answer while i'm fidgeting around like that. it takes effort to shake that way.

1 comment:

russ said...

You need AntWorks, a space age ant habitat. I want one.