Sunday, January 29, 2006

tahoe showed me the love

there is nothing like the gratuitous self portrait in a lodge bathroom when you've had to pee for the last hour, stuck in traffic, on the way up to tahoe- with nowhere to go. that's me and katie! :)

tahoe was good to us girls! katie won money!

but it was especially good to me- like $400 dollars, i have to close my eyes for this picture, good!

it was cold and snowy but we found our wedding location, so it was an awesomely productive weekend! YAY!!!!!
so here's me and boyfriend! i threw this on here cause... well.. basically cause i think he's hot! rahr!


Becky said...

you look like hotness in that pic of you and dot. yay!

Mindy said...

You and Chris are such a good looking couple. I am so happy you found a place for your wedding. That is the bestest.

jennster said...


Alison said...

I like your new background, Hooch. Very cute. :) Congrats on finding a place to get hitched.

Snella said...

great blog jenn, and thanks for commenting on mine:)