Monday, January 09, 2006

random thoughts

  • i am funnier in real life than i am in this fucking blog. i swear it.
  • people's comments crack me up- more than the post itself does.
  • i am wearing a shirt from daisy that says "hot monkey love" and that alone makes me laugh. what the hell is hot monkey love anyways?! and, can i watch?!
  • alison (my best friend since high school) is CONVINCED that i had one of those disgustingly horrifying cabbage patch things. ALI- I DID NOT HAVE ONE. who wants one of these things?! they are hideous! and you are a freak. move, pronto.

  • i have realized that no matter how hard i try, i'll never be as funny as that dooce chick. she cracks me up... when i remember about her blog and actually read it. you like blogs? go there.. she's a good time all in 1 page (and archives)..
  • i make the guys in the office nervous, and that makes me laugh
  • i laugh a lot.
  • sometimes i wish that little speak balloons would pop up beside my head when i'm talking shit to myself.
  • half the time, i should probably thank the goddess that they don't.
  • i didn't go to target all weekend (or all week for that matter)... which leads me to believe that something is wrong with me.
  • pink got married... oooh, her ring is pretty!!!
  • hillary swank and chad lowe are seperating. what is wrong with everyone?
  • will nick and jessica ever get back together? selling their house doesn't sound like the first step back to togetherness, does it?
  • i want a dyson vacuum in a sick way. but can someone tell me why a vac is almost $600 dollars?! seriously. for that much money the thing better last until i die and serve me breakfast every morning.
  • oooh... food.


Becky said...

ok jenn. i had to sign up to comment to you so now i have a blog. YOUR FAULT! i just gotta say i had a cabbage patch kid and cabbage patch newborn. both dolls i loved as if they were my own flesh and blood. i'm sorry you hated them so much! lol

jennster said...

you didn't have to sign up to comment! you could post as OTHER, or anonymous.. but i still love you even though you aren't very smart. LMFAO.. kidding!

Becky said...

LOL i didnt realize that LOL. oh well. i'll stick with this for now.

Becky said...

ok i deleted it cuz really, i dont need a blog. i prefer to read yours and other peoples!

russ said...

A great list. Funnier in real life? I am the opposite. lol. not really. I am a funny man.