Wednesday, January 04, 2006

omgosh, she's bulimic?!??!

*end fake shocked voice here*
lindsay lohan finally admitted to the world what the world has already known.... that she's been forcing herself to puke after eating (okay so maybe we didn't know exactly that.. i mean, she could have always just stopped eating- that was my other guess). well, that or coke. i mean, who hasn't wanted to start doing coke diet for a couple weeks to lose weight? lol
anyways, it was refreshing to see someone successful in young hollywood who wasn't stick thin. refreshing in a way that it puts less pressure on other people- it gives young girls a healthier self image- and not to mention the fact that she was freaking adorable!! i'm not downplaying the pressures of hollywood, cause i know they're there. but this is when you have to be the stronger person. you have to fight back. hopefully she'll do that. hollywood is a brutal business. it really is.
my advice to lindsay.. start eating again, put your hair back to its normal freaking color, and talk about it, instead of denying it or closing up. or you can do what russ suggests:
"she needs to have about 5 rubens a day to bulk up
her whisper thinness disturbs
if I could,
I would shove rolls down her throat
she drives a lot
is in car accidents a lot
why can't she go to the drive thru?"


Brian said...

Lindsay who??

russ said...

Rolls cure all sorts of ailments.