Monday, January 09, 2006

no pressure

blake: when are you going to have a baby? cause i don't want to be like 12 or 13 when you have one.

me: why not?

blake: cause i'll be in high school then and i won't want one.

me: *laughing*.. you'll probably be like 10 or so.

blake: okay, that sounds good.

here's the kid who wants to name his little brother "cockroach" or his little sister "banana split."

i'm thinking we have a future businessman here.. he's going to pimp out his siblings.


MelissaM said...

That's classic! Madison has already decided I won't be having any more kids. She was also sure to tell my b-friend one day "Sorry, I don't want my mom to have anymore kids so I hope you're cool with that." Well alrighty then, the 14yo child has spoken.

Kym said...

Great, so Blake can open and Dairy Queen and Exterminator business and use the siblings as mascots.

jennster said...

LMFAO! what madison wants, madison gets! BWAHHAHA- classic!

jennster said...

i was thinking more along the lines of blake's baby sister being a stripper and blake being her manager.

joeysmoon said...

They don't ask for much. Do they? Joey wants both a brother and a sister. Preferrably at the same time too.