Sunday, January 01, 2006


more like suckspace. i know, total hypocrite for talking so much shit about myspace, and yet having a profile there. i think i find the site annoying because i have a forum on delphi and so to communicate via myspace seems so lame.... when the forum is so much more efficient and has so much more of a rockstar status (i mean, you can only leave SO many comments for people)! :o) but i guess that really isn't what myspace is for. it's for hooking up i guess. and well- i'm all hooked up and the last thing i want is some idiot on myspace wanting to be my "friend" so he can attempt to cyber with me some friday night. in your dreams buddy. this girl only cybers on delphi. LOL


russ said...

I love your blog. I am so excited you are a blogger. Why did you decide to blog? I will read your blog daily.

jennster said...

i blog for grandpa! dur, read post 1! LOL.. i am excited that you are excited, which is exciting!