Friday, January 06, 2006

living in sin

so i freak out when he asks.. f bombs dropping left and right.. freak out mentally about having to wear this announcement on my finger everyday.. so how do you think i handled moving in together?!? beautifully, fyvm. :) it's so funny the shit you freak out about and the then things you don't worry about at all. i think everyone else was worried enough for me. "do you think you'll get sick of him?" i mean, granted.. we had dated long distance for a year and a half... the longest amount of time we'd spent together was a whopping 4 days straight i think. maybe 5 if you count half days? but living together has kicked ass so far! of course there are days i want to whack him with a frying pan. just like i'm sure he'd like to smother me in my sleep some nights (i am SO making him put that in his vows.. "i promise not to whack jennster in her sleep, or otherwise, no matter how much i might want too.") romance at its finest here folks. but sincerely. it's been an amazing process and i feel so blessed that i get to come home everynight to my hunk of man meat (who is usually making us all dinner). he really does rock! and... it doesn't hurt that he's super hot.

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