Friday, January 06, 2006

the little things

like my 7 year old being able to read, and read WELL. when last year he was struggling so badly and crying everynight when he had to read cause he hated it so much. i've learned with blake that things happen on HIS time. not on anyone else's. he isn't a fluent reader in the first grade because you want him to be. because he's "supposed" to be. doesn't work that way with him. when he's ready, everything just clicks. comes together naturally and then he's a rockstar at it. i'm so proud of him. reading "captain underpants" books in his bed at night. it's the coolest thing to sit there and listen to him sound out these big words and say them wrong the first time, but then quickly figure out what word they're supposed to be and say them right. listening to your child read. it's the coolest.

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