Thursday, January 19, 2006

it's the little things, people

like NOT telling me that cinnamon stick is now a fucking "seasonal" scent. what the hell is that? since when has cinnamon become seasonal?!?!?! is it really that hard to keep the candle scents i like out year round? it shouldn't be. just keep them stocked and i'll keep my sanity. no more cinnamon candles until the freaking birth of christ..... a little warning would have been nice! then i could have been a candle psycho who has 3,000,000 cinnamon stick candles in her house. that's not so wrong. i mean really. and WHY tease me with the mailer? oooooooooh jennster, we're having a sale! 12 votives or tarts for 12 bucks! you know how cheap that is!!!! don't you want some? oh, you want cinnamon stick? SORRY- SEASONAL!!!! *insert scary cackle here* the yankee candle gods hate me and i don't deserve it. this is enough to force me to eat cheesecake. a lot of it. curse you yankee candle!!!!! not only have you taken away my reason for sniffing constantly in my kitchen, you've now made me fat.

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