Monday, January 23, 2006

it's the good stuff

matt asked the forum what the #1 thing that made you decide to be with the person you're with was? what an awesome question! you get to think about all the reasons you love your significant other, and decide which reason, is heads above the rest!! for me, the answer was easy. and it was clear. and it was this:
"the #1 thing??? it was something more than anything i can ever truly explain. from the moment we met, there was this connection that existed between us. i think above and beyond everything else that i love and adore about him, that connection is our core."

i hit post, and then pondered a moment. what we have is so rare- i thought to myself.. (actually, knowing me, i might have said it outloud). we are so blessed to have found this. and hell, i know i deserve it. but man- we truly are the lucky ones. so many people live their lives without this kind of love. others find it, lose it, let it go, or never find it at all. and then countless others settle. i'm just grateful i never allowed myself to. that is, until i see what HE says in response to that post! ha


GrfxGawd said...

You made the comment "you never know when something you write might strick a chord with someone who stumbles across it".

Well, point taken. If you read much of my blog (any of the older earlier stuff) you might see why this post in particular was almost a little below the belt, not that you had any knowledge or intention of it being that way.

I've got so much to say on this topic... I'll keep it in check though.

Suffice to say, few people understand the value of what they possess. We all need to learn to understand the importance of those in our lives (including ourselves). It's often given much lip service, but seldom is it practiced – at least until it's often too late.

Great post.

Melissam said...

Yeah, I knew you were stung by the love bug when you would float down the hall at work asking us if we knew how much you loved your boyfriend.

I'm happy for you Jenn and I'm also happy for Blake. It's so important, as a mom, to have someone in your life that makes both you and your kid happy.

jennster said...

grfxgawd.. i hope you see this response to you- i will visit your blog and go back to older posts- link me to those you think are significant. thanks for reading. sorry for bringing up anything shitty.

jennster said...

melissa- it IS so important. and it's not as easy as some would like to think. thank you for this comment. :)