Saturday, January 07, 2006

HA! i am the best haircutter in the world!

hear me buzz with my clippers! bzzzzzz! seriously, i am so lucky to have a man who doesn't freak out when i start cracking up while cutting his hair! if i was cutting a girls hair and i started laughing my ass off, she would freak out! cause she would know that i just did something momumentally screwed up to her luscious locks. you know, cut off 1 foot instead of inch. she'd probably cry at the sound of my, "OH SHIT!"... lord knows i would. but not boyfriend. whenever i mutter, "uh oh" while i'm cutting his hair- he just goes, "what? what'd you do?" all nice and calm. and then the laughter starts. mine that is. the kind that won't stop because i just cut his hair so freaking short on accident. "oops, i used the triple 0, instead of the 2. and is the triple 0 worse than the regular 0???" and i'm just laughing hysterically because he now has no hair and i've gone way too far up on his head to try to fix it! there's nothing i can do but cut his whole head this way! but does he care? no! he could give a shit! which makes me laugh even more, cause no matter how badly i screw up his hair, he never cares.

"haven't you learned by now with me?"

"learned what?"

"that my hair grows back."


babyjack said...

Hahah!! I SO know how that goes! I used to cut my brother's hair all the time, and he grew to prefer the "all one length and super short" look as a result! Love it!! Hahah!

russ said...

For some reason, here at work, the "recent blogs" box and the "archive" and "links" boxes are all impeding in on your blog posts. I think my monitor is set to 800x600 coz of the programs, but I cannot read it of the boxes are halfway on the text. :(

uh...Happy Monday anyways. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!

jennster said...

i know russ, it's all fucked up.. i'm trying to fix it!