Monday, January 02, 2006

goodbye 2005!

what an original title. anyways- lots of people were counting down the days until 05 was over! what a year, right? well personally, i pretty much dug 2005. i mean, i had lots of huge changes happen- but they've been all really positive ones! first of all, i got engaged, which was a total surprise and shocker - but more on that in another post.. the terrifying-ness that is "to get engaged" deserves its own post. *shudders* and then my job was going through major changes and the department i was working in no longer was going to hold the clout that it once did. and plus, i was bored there. i wanted something more creative and less boring businessy. and literally the week after i got engaged, my landlord informed me that he was going to sell the condo i was renting. should i move, should i stay? all signs were pointing to RUN, DON'T WALK!! so that's what i did. packed up, quit my job, and moved. don't forget completely stressed out in the process. not for me, but for my 7 year old son. he had just gotten to the point where he had friends outside of school and baseball that he WANTED to spend time with. so what does an awful mom do? take him away from those friends so he can start all over. :( he's fine, really- but i still feel guilty and miss our old city sometimes. he has TONS of new friends, but i'm not sure how crazy i am about them. at least baseball season is starting soon. maybe i can finally meet some of the parents. and hopefully, they'll be ones that i'd actually allow my son to go over their house and spend time with. okay, i'm really straying here. my mind is a blob of random thoughts and i really have to work to stay focused here folks. LOL so yeah, 2005... it was cool! moving worked out. i wasn't even worried about finding a job really. i knew that if things in LA were "falling apart" this easily, that they would come together just as easily in SF. and they did. i got a job a little over a week after being here in a place that could not be more creative and awesome!!! things are good! 2005 was life changing.. interesting.. challenging.. but awesome!! when all signs are pointing towards something, there's usually a reason... so yeah. here i am. and i'm sure more reasons will come! and i'll share em with you! lucky you!

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