Monday, January 16, 2006

gamble with your own life, asshole

i drive a very dark, windy, mountainy, backroad, to and from work each day. we ALL do. there is no other way to get to work (depending on where you live, you might have literally, ONE other option- but still, same type of road). we all drive this road. all of us. and all we're trying to do is get home to our families after a long days work. or just get home, period.
i worked late tonight. on my way home i saw a car that had crashed into the side of the mountain. and i see my boss' car. and my boss outside. i pull over, get out and see if she's okay. she is, but she's pretty shaken up. one second earlier... or later.. and instead of crashing into the mountain on our side of the 2 lane road, he would have hit her head on. he could have hit her head on. make it a minute later, and that could have been me. it could have been ANY of us. any one of us. and all we're trying to do is get home from work. that time of the evening, i'm actually surprised he didn't hit someone. cause if someone is coming at you on that 2 lane road, there is nowhere for you to go. so there he was, bleeding pretty good from his head. half of his eye and cheek all swollen. he asked me if he looked okay and everyone kept telling me he was in shock. i actually felt bad for the guy. until he leaned towards me and said something and i got a whiff of his breath. OH.MY.GAWD. someone get me the fuck away from this guy, before I KILL HIM. the asshole was DRUNK. DRUNK. it wasn't even 6:30pm. on a dark, windy, mountain road. and he crashed on a straight part. who the hell does he think he is? if you want to take your own life into your hands- so be it. but how dare you drink, get behind the wheel, and have the potential to kill someone. he could have killed someone. he could have hit my boss. he could have hit my co-workers. he could have hit me. imagine the irony of finding my dead body in my jeep.. with my wedding dress in the back seat. i had to leave, because i had to stop myself from grabbing him, and shaking him and YELLING AT HIM. i wanted to ask him WHAT THE FUCK he was thinking. what the hell was he doing?! who is that stupid to not only drink and drive, but drink and ATTEMPT to drive on that road??!!!!!!!! who does he think he is to take all of our lives, in his hands?! i just.. i am so angry. SO ANGRY. it doesn't help that a drunk driver killed one of my friends. that never helps anything. except me actually hating drunk driving that much more... and the fucking idiotic assholes that attempt it.


joeysmoon said...

That gave me chills just reading it. There are a lot of shitheads out there and unfortunately it's usually the other drivers that have to pay the consequences for their stupid behavior.

Mindy said...

OMG Jenn how scary. People are so stupid. I am so glad you are okay and that your boss was okay.


jennster said...

it is so infuriating. and scary. that road- there is nowhere to go. it's not like you can swerve to miss someone coming at you. you have no options. it just really pisses me off. i can't even put it into words. i am thankful all of us are okay.

Audrey said...

Our office handles some traffic violations, and we are advertised in the yellow pages as such. By "traffic violations", I mean that my boss will represent a client on a speeding violation. Just this morning though we got someone calling on behalf of a friend who got a DUI and had his license suspended for 30 days. She wanted to know if he could get his license back, "with conditions".

Here's a "condition" for you, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! I sent her on her way.

jennster said...

audrey.. that pisses me off. he only lost it for 30 days- DEAL WITH IT! you know?