Monday, January 23, 2006

...even at 7

just because you're child isn't a baby anymore, that doesn't mean that bedtime is any easier. blake couldn't sleep last night.
"that's it- i'm just going to stay awake all night mom!!!!"
heaven forbid that I actually sleep, if he can't. nope. not happening. if blake can't sleep, i sure as shit don't get too either. so there i am- lying in his bed, scratching his back... rubbing his head... "i'm tired mom." well here's your first lesson in logic then son... GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!! if only it was that easy. it never is. about 12:44am, i finally got to drag myself out of his room and into my own, where boyfriend was sleeping soundly. ahhh, to be the mom.


joeysmoon said...

It's a rule somewhere that if the kids can't sleep then neither can Mom. Joey does the same thing, usually when I'm dead on my feet.

Karen said...

Ahh... the joys of being a MUM!!!
Ya gotta love them though!

Thanks for dropping in on my Blog Jenn!

GrfxGawd said...

When it's happening it's hard to keep in mind, a few short years and this kind of quality time won't even be an option.

Any more I relish every moment I spend with my kids. Sick, healthy, angry, happy - however they may be. I just want the time with them, all of it. Whatever I've been given and whatever I can take.

It's hard sometimes, but I don't begrudge it. Every time I get to play dad is another chance to change my childs life, and mine.