Thursday, January 12, 2006

duck soup

driving to work this morning, i found myself cracking up as i was completely stopped...... in the middle of the road.... waiting for the line of 15 or so ducks to waddle their feathery asses across the street. why do they walk one behind the other? like heaven forbid if one rebels and starts walking NEXT to another duck. they would probably lose it and get all scuttle butty. *quack* what are you doing?!?!*quack*
but yeah. there i was. stopped for ducks. do people stop for ducks anymore? can i put that on my resume? WILL STOP FOR DUCKS


joeysmoon said...

I stop for ducks and geese. They do that alot around here. Even blowing the horn doesn't make them break the line.

jennster said...

LOL- they are so funny! walking in a freaking line.. dum dee doe. it was cute though. fucking ducks.

Melissam said...

Something not so cute: The crawling line of High School students with cement shoes dragging their sleepy asses to school. OMG! They take FORRREEEVVVEEERRR to cross the dang street. I'd take ducks over these kids any day.
Whew, I feel better now...thanks!