Friday, January 27, 2006

dear east coast

we're coming!!! oh yes, we're coming!! we're all booked for tray's wedding in NJ in may! (that's me and tray in jersey- yes, my eyes look all fucked up, quiet!) i can't wait to go! i've never been to NY with boyfriend before, so i'm all giddy and excited at the thought of it! what can i force him to do while we're there? what can i torture him with? where am i going to take him? what do i HAVE to share with him?! oh the possibilites are endless! and he wants to marry me.. crazy bastard! crazy, smart, bastard!
hopefully FO will be wearing this shirt when she picks us up at the airport-

i'm hungry now so i'm going to eat. cause i'm of those people that does that. i eat carbs too. just not a lot.


Becky said...

aww this is a cute post! why did it show up like 167 times?

jennster said...

LMFAO! cause my computer was all fucked up and it wouldn't post! so i kept =hitting the button! LMFAO

Becky said...

lol i figured thats what happened!