Wednesday, January 11, 2006

cheaters suck

so besides toots & becky.. i think i'm the only one who actually watches the show One Tree Hill. and every week, IT KILLS ME. you see, 2 of the show's stars (sophia bush & chad michael murray) used to date. here they are.

i love them.. well, i used to. i thought they were the cutest couple ever. and every picture of them, looked like the one you see here. all lovey dovey.. looking at eachother in that way... and they are both gorgeous. they just seemed SO perfect for eachother. and SO happy. i read so many things about sophia loving chad because he was such a stand up guy.. and how he hated when girls would hit on him, especially when they knew he was taken. so they got married- see?

perfection right? man... well then the news breaks, no less than 5 months after marrying... chad cheated the whole time. before they were married. when they were engaged. after they got married. fucking pig. what is with guys!?!?! is it really that hard to be faithful? i mean, SERIOUSLY. how could he do that? the part that sucks so much is that he was the exact opposite of all that she thought he was. she thought he was a stand up guy, but he wasn't. she thought he was the person she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with, but he wasn't. she thought she was the only one for him- but she wasn't. and it breaks my heart. because week after week, they play boyfriend & girlfriend on the show. and their storyline mirrors their real life relationship, with minor adjustments. sophia's character is the one who cheated on the show. but the lines they have to say to eachother. the way they fight to get eachother back. it is heartbreaking. to know their offscreen story and have to watch the onscreen one............ it hurts my heart for sophia. she didn't deserve to have her prince charming be the frog. and i don't know how she does it.. how she works with him and has to pretend that she wants him to hold her hand.. and she has to kiss him, look at him, interact LOVINGLY with him. it must make her cringe on the inside. it makes me cringe for her. it just sucks. at least for most of us, when someone fucks up and cheats- you don't have to go to work each day and makeout with them. she rocks for being so strong. he sucks for being a typical shithead male.


joeysmoon said...

I can only imagine what it feels like to have to kiss that toad. It gives new meaning to "I hate my job". He certainly is no prince charming.

Melissam said...

She should win an award or something for her performance.
I don't watch the show but can you see the disgust in her eyes when she's supposed to be looking at hm lovingly? I suggest she chow down on a bunch of garlic before every kissing scene.

jennster said...

melissa- no! that's the thing.. she is SO good at what she does.. it's heartbreaking to watch. and the scenes where she's apologizing for cheating on him- or when she's telling him that he should be fighting for her- fighting to get her back, etc.. and she's crying.. it's like, "are these real tears?" you know? it's so sad. last night was the first episode where it actually looked like she was uncomfortable in one love scene with him. i feel so bad for her.

Becky said...

i totally agree. we've already discussed this---she does an awesome job at this...its totally believable on screen...but we KNOW the true story...i just wanna hug her after every scene where she has to pretend she loves that bastard.