Thursday, January 05, 2006

brokeback..britney & radio dj's who suck

this post might get long.
don't say i didn't warn you.
brokeback mountain. seriously here people. nominated for this many awards why (talking SAG awards, which is just the beginning to the other 2)???? because it's a type of movie that no one has done before? fine, recognize that- but don't nominate it just for the sake of nominating something "different." the movie wasn't even that good. let's get serious here. between heath's mumbling for the first half of the movie and his character who barely says anything worth listening too, and jake's character being the "manlier" of the 2... it was hard to believe there was any connection between them at all. at least not in the beginning. nothing that warranted, IN THE FREAKING SLIGHTEST, that the 2 of them should get it on inside a tent one night. i was like, where the hell did this come from?!?!?!? i mean, at least make it believable. "hi i'm heath. bend over so i can give you some!" "um, okay sure!!" yeah. now don't get me wrong, i didn't completely despise this movie. i just wanted it to be better. i really wanted to feel their conflict. i really wanted to hope for them, and pull for them, and feel their angst between the lives they "are supposed" to be living, and the lives they wanted to be living. but i just didn't. at least not enough. so let's kick back on the ridiculous amount of nominations and actual awards they win this year folks.. it's just NOT that good of a movie. it's just different and a little balsy. har har.

britney. i want to scoop her up and smack her upside the head. i mean, her life has gone downhill since her and justin broke up. yes, i'm talking about britney spears, and i will talk about her dammit. why? cause i can, and cause i wanna! it was one thing when she started dating this fucking crooked hat, dresses like an idiot, guy... but it was quite another when she actually went and let him marry her *ick*... and i'm surprised the world did not stop spinning the day she actually breeded with him. WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!?! i want her to dump him. yesterday. but i'll settle for tomorrow. this guy is such a fucking loser. who the fuck sings a song and calls it POPO ZAO? what the hell is popo zao? he is just a poor excuse for anything. except maybe a backup dancer. oh wait, that IS what he is. he just seems like a real shithead. granted, he could be super nice and a great and loving husband.. but i saw britney & kevin.. i know better. he's just a freaking punkass who got lucky, and britney was just lonely. advice for britney? DUMP KEVIN and go get justin back! the world will be a happy place! i think i would even through a party.

radio dj's. who suck. do they know they suck? i mean, honestly. do they realize that they aren't funny? aren't entertaining? and have AWFUL voices? i lived in los angeles and the dj's were decent. except for jaime, who is the most annoying female dj in the world. i wish she would choke on something on the air. that would get her to shut up for 5 minutes or so. she is the epitome of white trash and she is an embarassment to females everywhere. and her cackle. my god, i can't even call it a laugh, cause laughs are cute. laughs are fun to listen too. but hers is HORRID. whenever she would laugh, i would cry. it was painful. and this is literally from the handful of times i listened to her because she repulsed me so much, i could not freaking deal. how do people like that stay on the air?!? go away sucky female dj. you taint my airwaves. and not in a good way.
well i moved up north to the san francisco area.. i miss kevin & bean and kroq something fierce i'll tell you that! i didn't realize that the # 2 radio market in the country COULD SUCK SO BADLY!!!!!!! every station out here has THE WORST music programming. they play shit constantly from the 80's.. and by the time i hear something "new" it's been in LA for months. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!! it's kind of a sad day when i say that the best station in northern california is radio disney. this is no joke. i find myself listening to that the most. and this is without my 7 year old in the car, thank you very much!!! so yeah... the music sucks, the stations suck, and the morning dj's are fucking horrid! HOW DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?!?!?!?!?!?!! i don't get it. they aren't funny. they are annoying. and they suck. i want to laugh in the mornings. i really do. and it isn't that hard to make me laugh. you know, just be funny. but instead of laughing, i find myself cursing their existance and their constant suckiness! it infuriates me because my background is in radio and dammit, i'm good at it. i think i'd be far more entertaining than ANY of the dj's out here. that's right. you heard me. i'm fucking funnier.
another thing that pisses me off. a girl who is a dj in LA for the afternoons (cough*lara scott*cough), also just happens to be a dj out here in the afternoons! how can she do that you ask? well she tapes her show for up here in la. although you're not supposed to know, so shhhhhh. i hate that shit. what a joke and a lie and it's all clear channels fault. they do this with dj's all over the country. 1 dj taping 5 shows in different states, etc. and you aren't supposed to know. how personal. what a crock of SHIT. the death of radio will be clear channel. mark my words. fuckers. i hate them.
this is me. being better than them. see


russ said...

The day the Brittany wins an Oscar is the day that all molecular movement will cease in my body and it will implode. The day the very fabric of the space-time continuum will be destroyed.

MelissaM said...

you thought britney having a kid with K-Fed was bad (hope you're sitting down when reading the rest of this), Jamie is PREGNANT! That's right...let's just hope he/she doesn't have her laugh! See, you have to have a license to have a dog but any idiot can have a kid!

jennster said...

SHUTUP!!!!! someone knocked that annoying bitch up?!?!! good lord, WHO?!?! and the poor bastard.. she probably did it on purpose