Wednesday, January 11, 2006

boys and the "tuck in"

do guys go to "tuck in" school before they're born?!? i swear, guys are like the best tucker inner's ever. my dad used to tuck me in bed so tight i was sure i'd die if i had to get out in a hurry. it would take serious effort to free my feet from the constraints of the dad tuck in! now boyfriend too! before he leaves for work, he gives me a little tuck.... it's all tight fitting and perfect. i swear. boys do the perfect tucks!!
this message sounds nasty. lol


Becky said...

matt is the BEST tucker inner. he does it too when he's gonna leave or whatever. it rocks. he tucks hannah in all the time all tight like that. when she was first born he was the one in charge of wrapping her in the blanket cuz he was the best at it- and cuz he was so anal about everything with her. he was nicknamed pediatric matt lol

jennster said...

really though! boys are just like, AWESOME tucker inner people!!! lol

Melissam said...

Yeah, this post does sound nasty. At first I thought you were referring to guys tucking their "junk" ala Silence of the Lambs. Oops!

Maybe it's an embedded military gene or something. However, I've been known for my bed tucking skills. Wonder if I can list that on my resume? Humph, worth a thought.

jennster said...

LMFAO melissa! that's what i thought too... people are gonna think it's the TUCK, TUCK.. the gross one! lol